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Hordern Towers is a proud part of the Smart Green Apartments program, run by the City of Sydney.

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Emergency Procedures

What to do if there is a fire inside your apartment?

  • Assist any person in immediate danger if it is safe to do so.
  • Close all doors and windows.
  • Call the Fire Brigade by dialling 000.
  • Extinguish the fire if you know how to use an extinguisher / hose reel / fire blanket and if it is safe to do so.
  • Evacuate via the Fire Stairs.
  • Await instructions from the Fire Brigade before re-entering the building.

If the fire is outside your apartment?

Important! - Check the door handle.

  • If the door handle is hot - do not open the door.
  • Put a wet towel under the door to prevent smoke entering your apartment.
  • All apartment front doors are 2 hour fire rated.
  • If the door handle is cool - camly evacuate via the fire stairs.
  • Await further instructions from the Fire Brigade.

Fire / Emergency Information

The building is equipped with numerous fire safety systems throughout the building.

In the event of a fire, a repeated audible tone is transmitted throughout the building and an automatic alarm signal sent to the Fire Brigade. 

Where possible and providing it is safe to do so, all doors and windows should be closed, and any fans or air conditioning units turned off, to slow the spread of heat, fire, and smoke.

Occupants must walk to the fire exit nearest their apartment, ensuring to meet at the designated Assembly Area, directly across the street at Chambers Arcade, 370 Pitt Street.

Please note

Never use the elevators in the event of a fire.


Fire Extinguishers and Equipment

All residents must familiarise themselves with all emergency exits and the location of all fire equipment in the building.

A Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher, fire hose reel and WIP (fire phone) are located in the Fire Hose Reel Cupboard in the west corridor on each residential floor. An Emergency Break Glass alarm is also located on all floors.

Under no circumstances must you impede or tamper with any fire safety equipment. Do not store boxes or position furniture so that they may hamper the correct operation of any fire safety device.