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Hordern Towers is a proud part of the Smart Green Apartments program, run by the City of Sydney.

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Cleaning or watering of plants on balconies must not result in water running down the outside of the building or onto other balconies. All residents are responsible to instruct their cleaners that this practice stains the outside of the building, creates unnecessary nuisance to residents below and can create a serious safety issue.

No items including plants are to be attached to the outside walls on balconies without the written approval of the Hordern Towers Executive Committee. All external glass accessible from each apartment is to be kept clean.


Under no circumstance is laundry or any other item to be present on the balcony that diminishes or is not keeping with the external appearance of the building.

Blinds are only allowed inside the apartment and must not be of a colour and style that does not maintain the exterior character of the building.