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Hordern Towers is a proud part of the Smart Green Apartments program, run by the City of Sydney.

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Hordern Towers' luxury recreation facilities are located on Level 23.

The recreation area is available daily for the enjoyment of Hordern Towers residents between the hours of 5:30am and 11:00pm.

While using the facilities please observe the rules and regulations, as they are there to ensure the safety and peaceful enjoyment of everyone.


  • Appropriate attire is required when travelling between the recreation area and apartment. The same applies in all Hordern Towers common areas.
  • Appropriate footwear should also be worn, particularly when walking from the swimming pool area and the change room/toilets, and vice versa.

Click on each of the facility headings to learn more about each of them including hours of operation, how to use the facility, house rules & safety instructions, and bookings.